What we do

Moe Mind starts with a simple concept: It is design and marketing working in perfect harmony with print
production in mind. Whether you provide a service or sell a product, you are your brand. We at Moe Mind strive to ensure that your brand identity resonates, representing you and/or your company to the highest degree of excellence.

  • Design

    Design & Brand identity

    To say who you are without speaking

    It is telling the world who you are, without needing to speak. Pairing a well developed graphic design, along with a well thought out marketing plan will surely benefit the manner in which your business is perceived. Our top of the line designers ensures to work closely with you to develop a unique brand and design portfolio that will make you stand out.

  • Design

    Printing services

    Design & print in perfect harmony

    We offer a large variety of printing services, whether it’s digital, off set or large format printing. Starting as small as business cards or brochures and as large as billboard signage or a bus wrap Moe Mind will design, print and install all your branding needs. From start to finish, we will bring your design to life with printing and cost efficiency in mind.

  • Design


    Where inspiration becomes digital!

    Once we have designed your brand. Shot your product. Printed your swag. Your website will allow your brand to reach the masses. Technology and social media is constantly evolving, allowing your brand to take you places we used to only dream about. Our relationships do not end on delivery, as we evolve, so will you and your brand.

  • Design


    Brings creativity to life

    Photography is essential to brand identity, therefore we will support your marketing plan & graphic design with high colour images that will give the brand the quality production it deserves.We have shot, fashion models, merchandise, food, real estate, and look forward to bringing the most out of your product.


Our work

For over 10 years we have provided our clients with innovation, creativity and flexibility. We have developed the brand for a wide range of professionals ranging from a startup, to local entrepreneurs, to multi-billion dollar corporations. The Moe Mind experience not only spans across professions, but across Canada.

Who we are

At Moe Mind we believe in family, and we believe in trust. In order to create the best experience and produce the
finest outcome our team will provide an environment that ensures to drive the creative mind! Your business
is our business, your success is our success.


Moe Madhoun

Founder | Creative Director


Mona Madhoun

Creative Director | Marketing

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